Yellow Button How do I link directly to a station's TAF and/or METAR?
    blue dot Format:

[STID(s)] = 4 letter station identifier(s) (ie. "kmci" or "kden,kmci")
[PARM(s)] =  
METARs ... chk_metars=on
TAFs ... chk_tafs=on
Plain Language ... add std_trans=translated
Add previous hours ... add hoursStr=[number]
  Yellow Button How do I prevent large images from shrinking to fit the window (ie. satellite, SIGWX)?
    blue dotThis is a new "feature" in both the latest IE and Netscape. It automatically resizes images to fit in your browser window.

There are two options:
  1. Once the image is open ... just click on the image and it will expand to full resolution (Netscape) or the little pop-up symbol, with 4 arrows (IE).

  2. This feature can also be turned off (it is on by default);
    1. Netscape:
      -Edit Menu ... choose "Preferences"
      -Click on "Appearance"
      -Deselect "Resize Images to fit in Browser Window"
    2. IE:
      -Tools Menu ... choose "Internet Options ..."
      -Select "Advanced" tab
      -Scroll down to "Multimedia" section.
      -Deselect "Enable Automatic Image Resizing"
Keep in mind ... that these settings are defaulted to "on" when you update or load either browser.
  Yellow Button How do I access Historical Data?
    blue dotThe official resource for archived NWS data is the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). Go to:

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