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SIGMET Plot Help


ADDS generates a set of static SIGMET plots which are updated every minute. The plots are for the following hazard types;

  • conv - Convective SIGMETs and outlooks
  • turb - Turbulence SIGMETs
  • icing - Icing SIGMETs
  • ifr - IFR and mountain obscuration SIGMETs

URL Options

Here is a list of the URL options:

  • type={all|conv|turb|icing|ifr} - This specifies the type of SIGMET plot to display.
    • all - All hazards on plot (Default)
    • conv - Only convective SIGMETs and outlooks
    • turb - Only turbulence SIGMETs
    • icing - Only icing SIGMETs
    • ifr - Only IFR and mountain obscuration SIGMETs

AIRMET and SIGMET reference points

Below is a link to a table of reference points (airports and navaids) that are used in the US based AIRMET and SIGMET products.