Weather Symbols
Symbol METAR Code Description
Dust or sand
FU VA Smoke or volcanic Ash
HZ Haze
DU SA Dust or sand
BLDU BLSA Blowing dust or sand
PO Dust devil
VCSS Vicinity sand storm
Fog or special weather
BR Mist or light fog
MIFG More or less continuous shallow fog
VCTS Vicinity thunderstorm
VIRGA Virga or precipitation not hitting ground
VCSH Vicinity showers
TS Thunderstorm with or without precipitation
SQ Squalls
FC Funnel cloud or tornado
Blowing weather
SS Sand or dust storm
+SS Strong sand or dust storm
BLSN Blowing snow
DRSN Drifting snow
VCFG Vicinity fog
BCFG Patchy fog
PRFG Fog, sky discernable
FG Fog, sky undiscernable
FZFG Freezing fog
-DZ Light drizzle
DZ Moderate drizzle
+DZ Heavy drizzle
-FZDZ Light freezing drizzle
FZDZ +FZDZ Moderate to heavy freezing drizzle
-DZRA Light drizzle and rain
DZRA Moderate to heavy drizzle and rain
-RA Light rain
RA Moderate rain
+RA Heavy rain
-FZRA Light freezing rain
FZRA +FZRA Moderate to heavy freezing rain
-RASN Light rain and snow
RASN +RASN Moderate to heavy rain and snow
Snow and misc. frozen precipitation
-SN Light snow
SN Moderate snow
+SN Heavy snow
SG Snow grains
IC Ice crystals
PE PL Ice pellets
Showery precipitation
-SHRA Light rain showers
SHRA +SHRA Moderate to heavy rain showers
-SHRASN Light rain and snow showers
SHRASN +SHRASN Moderate to heavy rain and snow showers
-SHSN Light snow showers
SHSN +SHSN Moderate to heavy snow showers
-GR Light showers with hail, not with thunder
GR Moderate to heavy showers with hail, not with thunder
TSRA Light to moderate thunderstorm with rain
TSGR Light to moderate thunderstorm with hail
+TSRA Thunderstorm with heavy rain