METAR Information

Text Data

In addition to the graphical plots, a textual interface is available to retrieve data in raw format. For example, to retrieve the latest 24 hours worth of METARs for Denver International Airport, enter the corresponding airport identifier (KDEN for Denver International Airport) into the ICAO Station ID field. You may enter as many stations as you wish, separating each station with a space and/or comma. You must use the full 4-letter ICAO abbreviation. For abbreviations, please refer to the list of airports around the world that report METARs.

If desired, a decoded view of the data can be selected. Each piece of data is shown in a human readable format. For example, the latest Denver METAR would be shown as:

METAR for: KDEN (Denver Intl, CO, US)
Text: KDEN 030353Z 18008KT 10SM CLR M06/M09 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP237 T10561089
Temperature: -5.6°C ( 22°F)
Dewpont: -8.9°C ( 16°F) [RH = 77%]
Pressure (altimeter): 30.07 inches Hg (1018.0 mb) [Sea level pressure: 1023.7 mb]
Winds: from the S (180 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 knots; 4.1 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: sky clear below 12,000 feet AGL

URL Options

Here is a list of the URL options:

  • ids=id[+id...] - Specifies the stations to retrieve data
  • format={raw|decoded} - Specifies the format of output as either raw data or decoded output. The default is raw.
  • hours=hours - Specifies the number of hours to show. The default is the latest.
  • tafs={on|off} - Specifies to retrieve the latest TAF. The default is off.
  • date=yyyymmddhhnn - This selects a specific date and time to display. ADDS saves a week of METAR data so this can be used to get older METAR data. The default is current.

Example: /metar/data?ids=KDEN&format=decoded&taf=on