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The Graphical Forecasts for Aviation (GFA) web page is intended to provide the necessary aviation weather information to give users a complete picture of the weather that may impact flight in the continental United States (CONUS), Alaska and Hawaii, Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and portions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The web page includes observational data, forecasts, and warnings that can be viewed from 14 hours in the past to 18 hours in the future, including thunderstorms, clouds, flight category, precipitation, icing, turbulence and wind. Hourly model data and forecasts, including information on clouds, flight category, precipitation, icing, turbulence, wind, and graphical output from the National Weather Service’s National Digital Forecast Data (NDFD), are available. Wind, icing and turbulence forecasts are available in 3,000 ft. increments from the surface up to 30,000 ft. MSL, and in 6,000 ft. increments from 30,000 MSL to FL480 (48,000 ft. MSL). Turbulence forecasts are also broken into LO (below 18,000 MSL) and HI (at or above 18,000 MSL) graphics. A maximum icing graphic and maximum wind velocity graphic (regardless of altitude) are also available. Built with modern geospatial information tools, users can pan and zoom to focus on areas of greatest interest.

Graphical Forecasts for Aviation Overview

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