Interactive Display

The interactive G-AIRMET display shows the following hazard types:

  • Turb Hi - Upper level turbulence.
  • Turb Lo - Lower level turbulence.
  • LLWS - Low Level Wind Shear.
  • Sfc Winds - Strong surface winds.
  • Icing - Icing.
  • Freezing Level - Freezing level (line) and multiple freezing levels (polygon).
  • Ceil&Vis (IFR) - Low ceilings and visibility.
  • Mtn Obscuration - Areas where mountains obscured.

Each type of hazard is colored differently. Each area labeled with hazard. Endpoints of freezing level lines have level in 100s of feet. Multiple freezing levels labeled with top and bottom level.

Figure 1: G-AIRMET polygon colors

A time selector is available to cycle through each forecast out to 12 hours. G-AIRMETs can be filtered by altitude range by adjusting the Top and Bottom selectors.

The G-AIRMETs are all clickable to access the raw text of the product.

URL Options

Here is a list of the URL options:

  • date=yyyymmddhhnn - This selects a specific date and time to display.
  • time=hr - This selects the initial time on the time slider (def: 0).
  • timelabform={full|simple} - This selects time slider labels. Full shows -/+ hours from current. Simple shows just the time and "Forecast for" if it's a future time.
  • refresh=min - This sets the auto-refresh time interval (def: 5 min).
  • tz=tz - This sets the time zone to show in the date header. This can be "local" which is the browser time zone or "label,offset" which is the zone name and offset in hours. For example "CDT,-5". (def: UTC).
  • region=reg - This will center the map to a specific region. Options include: "conus", "us", "northeast", "ne", "southeast", "se", "northcentral", "nc", "southcentral", "sc", "northwest", "nw", "southwest", "sw", "alaska", "ak", "hawaii", "hi", "gulfmexico", "gmx", "caribbean", "car", "europe", "eur", "southamerica", "sam", "easia", "eas", "australia", "aus", "zab", "zau", "zbw", "zdc", "zdv", "zhu", "zfw", "zid", "zjx", "zkc", "zla", "zlc", "zma", "zme", "zmp", "zny", "zoa", "zob", "zse", "ztl" (def: none).
  • center=lat,lon - This will center the map at a specific latitude and longitude. The default is 39,-97.
  • zoom=level - This sets the zoom level. The default is 4. A higher number zooms in. A lower number zooms out.
  • fullmode=(screen|window) - This sets the full screen mode. "screen" sets it to full screen. "window" sets it to fill the current browser window. The default is screen.
  • fullscreen=(on|off) - This sets the display to go into full window if fullmode=window.
  • basemap=(light|dark|simple) - This selects the type of basemap. The default is light.
  • gairmet={on|off} - This turns the G-AIRMET layer on or off. The default is on.
  • gairtype=param - Specifies the types of G-AIRMETs to display. The default is all. The types are:
    • turb-hi - high level turbulence
    • turb-lo - low level turbulence
    • llws - low level wind shear
    • sfc-wind - high surface winds
    • icing - icing
    • fzlvl - freezing levels
    • ifr - IFR
    • mtn - mountain obscurations
  • gairopacity=# - Specifies the G-AIGMET polygon opacity (0=transparent to 1=opaque). The default is .25.
  • highways={on|off} - Turns highway layer on or off. These are primarily interstates. The default is off.
  • jetroutes={on|off} - Turns the jetroutes layer on or off. The default is off.
  • firs={on|off} - Turns the ARTCC/FIR layer on or off. The default is off.
  • metric={on|off} - Specifies to display data in metric units. The default is off.
  • mouseformat={deg|dm|dms} - Specifies to format for the mouse location: degrees, degree/frac. minute, degree/minute/second. The default is deg.
  • level=## - Specifies value of the level in the level slider. The default is none.
  • hover={on|off} - Turns on hover for features. The popups will come up when mouse hovers. Default is off.