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    2401610Z...Coast...Areas of BKN-OVC stratus extending up to 15 miles
    inland with bases 700-1000 ft MSL with tops to 1400 ft MSL. Areas of
    vis 3-5 miles will occur over higher coastal terrain. Stratus
    clearing over land 16Z-18Z, and should clear for at least a few
    hours along the immediate coast in the afternoon. Stratus will
    develop again after 25/02Z and spread 15-20 miles inland overnight.
    Bases will be near 800-1200 ft MSL. The risk of OVC low clouds at
    KSAN again tonight is high, so the TAF low clouds forecast looks
    good, but it could arrive somewhat earlier at KSAN.
    Valleys/Mountains/Deserts...SCT clouds at/above 25000 ft MSL with
    unrestricted vis through Wednesday morning.