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    VFR conditions continuing for most area terminals this
    afternoon, with mostly clear skies. Haze from wildfire smoke will
    remain in the area (primarily from KPAE to KBFI). No impacts to
    visibility are expected from the smoke. Westerly winds at the coast
    will continue to increase at KHQM bringing in marine stratus and fog
    to the terminal this afternoon. With light onshore flow tonight,
    patchy fog and marine stratus will make their return to the area.
    Any low clouds that form during the overnight should mix out by 18
    UTC tomorrow, with the exception being the at the coast.
    KSEA...Northerly winds will continue though the rest of the day and
    are expected to ease during the overnight. Chance of patchy fog
    forming after 12 UTC Monday. Any fog that forms over the terminal is
    expected to mix out by 18 UTC.