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    Still soupy out there and will stay that way abundant moisture
    streaming in over the shallow cold frontal surface. Expect
    ceilings of 600 to 1500 will continue through Wednesday. Band of
    precipitation continues along the 900mb boundary and should slowly
    lift northward after 10z so the ongoing showers may finally lift
    north as well giving some slight improvement for CLL/UTS
    visibility reductions due to the precip. Mid afternoon to early
    evening a s/w moves into the coastal areas with weak cyclogenesis
    along the cold front which will likely lead to greatly increased
    coverage over the coastal waters possibly spreading into LBX/GLS
    terminals after 00z/17. With the slow eastward shift of the Gulf
    circulation associated convergence along the inland portion of the
    circulation should help to focus development from PSX to UTS
    shifting eastward between 01-08z/17.