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TDS: Release Notes

TDS ver. 1.3 (January 2010)

Updates since release

  • Current data is now available in gzipped, CSV format.
  • The current data directory format is consistent with the dataserver release directory structure:

Bug Fixes

  • Commas in the raw text of AIR/SIGMETs reports are now handled correctly for CSV output.

New features/Performance Enhancements


  • There is now a new mostRecentForEachStation type ('constraint') that offers improved performance. Please visit the Best Practices page for more details on the effective use of this constraint. Please refer to:

    TAFs Examples for examples of TAF mostRecentForEachStation queries and
    METARs Examples for examples of METAR mostRecentForEachStation queries.

  • Users can obtain the most recent data using two different methods: 'postfilter' and 'constraint'. The 'postfilter' method is the same as mostRecentForEachStation=true in earlier versions of the server. For this and subsequent versions, mostRecentForEachStation=true will still behave as before. The postfilter method allows all other constraints to be applied first, then the results obtained from those constraints are filtered to yield the most recent for each station. The constraint method is a more straightforward, optimal means of obtaining the most recent for each station.
    NOTE:The mostRecentForEachStation feature is available only for METARs and TAFs, and only 72 hours worth of data is kept in the data base.

Most Current Data

  • The most current data is available for METARs, TAFs, PIREPs and AIRSIGMETs.
    Please visit Current Data for more details.


The following schemas are relevant for the 1_3 release:

  • metar1_2.xsd
  • taf1_2.xsd
  • pirep1_2.xsd
  • airsigmet1_1.xsd
  • station1_0.xsd