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Aircraft Report Data Help

Text data

Textual data are stored in the ADDS database and updated continuously. Data can be reuested based on a radial distance from a ICAO identifier/airport and by age.

  • Id: - enter a location to query:
    • a 4-letter ICAO identifier (A list of airports/stations is here)
    • to center query
    • a center latitude and longitude in degrees as "lat,lon" (example: 39.28,-94.66)
    • a latitude and longitude range as "min_lat,min_lon,max_lat,max_lon"
  • Distance: - selecting a distance in statute miles
  • Format: - selecting either raw or decoded
  • Type: - selecting a type: All, Icing, Turb, or Wx conditions
  • Age: - selecting a time frame. Default is 90 minutes.

URL Options

Here is a list of the URL options:

  • id=id - Specifies the stations to center the retrieval
  • distance=radius - Specifies the distance from the station to retrieve
  • format={raw|decoded} - Specifies the format of output as either raw data or decoded output. The default is raw.
  • age=hours - Specifies the age of the reports in number of hours to show. The default is 1.5.
  • type={all|turb|icing|wx} - Specifies the type of report. The default is all.
  • date=yyyymmddhhnn - This selects a specific date and time to display. ADDS saves several days of report data so this can be used to get older data. The default is current.

Example: /airep/data?id=KDEN&format=decoded&distance=300