The qualifier is any single or combination of the following six possible values:

    Value Corresponding description
    mid_point_assumed Midpoint- if the exact location of the PIREP is not provided, the midpoint between two locations is assumed.
    no_time_stamp No time stamp - if a time stamp is wrong or not provided.
    flt_lvl_range Flight level range - if a range instead of a specific altitude is given for flight level information.
    above_ground_level_indicated Above ground level (AGL)- if the flight level is expressed as AGL as opposed to mean sea level (MSL). Or if the flight level is recorded as "during descent" (DURD), in which case the surface elevation plus 100 ft. is used from the closest identifier.
    no_flt_lvl No flight level - if no flight level information can be deciphered from the raw PIREP. The decoder fills in the flight level with the altitude of the cloud observation. If this information is unavailable, then the altitude of icing is used. If icing information is absent, then the altitude of turbulence is used.
    bad_location Bad location - if the location from the "/OV" group is greater than 500 km from the leading identifier, or if the location identifier is not available. In this situation, the lat and lon from the leading identifier is used.