METAR Quality Control Flag Description

    Quality control flags provide useful information on the METAR station sensors. Please see the Federal Meteorological Handbook (FMH-1) for more information.

    The table below describes the available values that the dataserver can provide:

    Reported Value Name Corresponding description
    corrected Corrected
    auto Fully automated
    auto_station Indicates that the automated station type is one of the following: A01|A01A|A02|A02A|AOA|AWOS

    NOTE: The type of station is not returned. This simply indicates that this station is one of the six stations enumerated above.
    maintenance_indicator Maintenance check indicator - maintenance is needed
    no_signal No signal
    lightning_sensor_off The lightning detection sensor is not operating- thunderstorm information is not available.
    freezing_rain_sensor_off The freezing rain sensor is not operating
    present_weather_sensor_off The present weather sensor is not operating