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[2014 Aug 29] Fissure Eruptions Observed Near Icelandic Volcano; Aviation Code "Red"

Key Points

  • According to the Icelandic Met Office, fissure eruptions have been observed north of the Dynjujokull Glacier in Iceland.
  • Due to this activity near the Baroarbunga volcano, the Aviation Color code has been raised to "red".
  • Increased seismic activity, often with near-constant earthquakes, has been monitored at the Baroarbunga volcano since August 16, 2014.
  • Frequent status updates have been provided to numerous international collaborators by the Icelandic Met Office and there has been considerable collaboration with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAAC).
  • The London VAAC is now issuing advisories due to this activity.
  • Additional information will be provided, as needed, in a Significant Event Report as details become available.

NOAA/NWS Activities

NWS Meteorologists at the NWS Aviation Weather Center (AWC) are in close coordination with national and international partners to maintain awareness as this event continues to unfold.

Icelandic Met Office - Volcano and Aviation Color Code Information
London VAAC
Washington DC VAAC (No Advisories)
Aviation Weather Center Volcanoes page

[2014 Aug 28] Latest Website changes

Today we released some changes to the web site.

  • Some stylistic changes for site links
  • Bug fixes for displaying TAFs alongside METARs on some pages
  • Highlights of new news items with orange menu at top of page. The menu changes after you view the news page
As always, if you have any questions please send them via the feedback form

[2014 Aug 05] NWS joins FAA-AOPA "Got Weather" educational campaign
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS)has joined the FAA and the general aviation community’s eight month Got Weather? national safety campaign. NOAA’s NWS delivers consistent, timely, and accurate weather information for both domestic and international airspace from three specialized aviation weather offices – Aviation Weather Center, Alaska Aviation Weather Unit and the Weather Forecast Office in Honolulu, HI. Aviation weather experts at these offices provide forecasts of aviation hazards such as icing, turbulence, and convection. Advisories, forecasts and other weather information is available through a wide-variety of sources, including the popular Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) website, “one-stop shopping” at the “Standard Briefing” webpage on ADDS links many of NOAA’s aviation weather products. More information

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