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    For the 06Z TAFs...
    Concerns with the TAFs through Sunday are just upper end MVFR
    clouds at times through early-mid Sunday morning.
    Northwest winds continue to show regular gusts and expect that to
    continue, though a little less frequency overnight. Gusts into the
    lower 20 kt range are likely, while sporadic mid 20 kt gusts are
    possible. Winds will back to more west-northwest on Sunday
    morning. Some gusts into the upper teens are likely through the
    day Sunday before diminishing near sunset.
    Satellite trends have shown an expansion of 2500-3500 ft clouds
    across northern Illinois since 03Z. While there may be some brief
    breaks, the clouds should generally be broken through daybreak.
    Clearing by mid-morning is with medium-high confidence. Only some
    cirrus is expected after that time.