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    The Pilot Reports (PIREPs) Page contains 3 major sections:
  • The first section contains a link to another web page containing a Java Applet which allows users to zoom interactively to the region of their choosing and to interrogate the PIREP icon for the full raw PIREP text. This has the highest complexity and is therefore the slowest but is the most valuable if interactive data browsing is desired.
  • The second section is a table containing links to GIF images which are pre-generated and ready for viewing. They are re-created about every 15 minutes. Plots of aircraft icing and turbulence are available as well as the sky and weather conditions reported by aircraft.
  • The third section contains a link to a web FORM which allows users to enter his/her own plotting information to obtain a customized PIREPs plot. Submitting the information on the FORM runs a process to create a GIF image of the most recent data possible and allows a user to create a region of their choosing. It does, however, take longer for the resulting GIF image to appear since the process of creating the image must be run. Another help page for the FORM exists.