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Help using PIREP FORM:
The FORM for creating custom PIREPs plots requires a few parameters. You can choose a region of your own simply by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates of the southwest and northeast corners. You may also choose what types of PIREPs you are interested in: ICING, TURBULENCE, WEATHER, or SKY CONDITIONS. In relation to ICING and TURBULENCE, a minimum and maximum severity may be chosen in order to neglect plotting of "Negative" reports, or "Light" reports. Lastly, a time window from 2 to 6 hours of the most recent data may be specified.
   U.S. air carriers are generally the only aircraft to transmit voice Pilot Reports via National Weather Service communication circuits. Therefore, there are rarely PIREPs outside of the continental U.S. and the immediate coastal regions. There are some Canadian and Alaskan PIREPs but almost no Mexican reports. There are oceanic AIREPs in the database which include temperature and wind data. Choose the "Weather" category to see plots of that data over ocean regions. Otherwise, plots of non-U.S. regions will likely come up blank. Sorry.