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Flight Path Tutorial: Step Two
How to Zoom

  The zoom button is selected by default when the flight path tool is loaded. When a different button is used, the zoom button is automatically re-selected after that operation is completed. To zoom, click and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse (creating a "rubber band") over the area of interest. Release the button and the map will redraw to the selected area.

The back button reverts to the previous zoom state. If the Continental U.S. is currently showing, and the zoom button is then used to zoom into Colorado, clicking the back button will re-draw the map over the Continental U.S. Note that the displayed data will be any currently selected Background Grids or Data Overlays.
  The overview button changes the area displayed in the main  window. Left click the overview button. In the Overview window, click and hold the left mouse button down within the red box and drag the box to the new area of interest. Release the mouse button and the map in the main window will redraw to the selected area. Zoom on an area in the main window (see above) and a smaller box will appear. Note, the red box surrounds the area selected by zooming, so if a zoom state has not been selected, the box will surround the entire map. The edges of the red box may also be dragged to resize the zoom area.
The View menu item is used to view other parts of the world in the main window. If Europe is selected, the World map overlay should also be selected in the Data Layers area. In the Data Layers dialog, scroll down to the Map Overlays item and check World in the list of checkboxes. Then, select the desired data type from the Data Overlays check boxes. Note that the background grid data sets are not available for places outside the Continental U.S.
  The pan button is for moving to different areas of the currently  selected view. To pan the map, click the pan button, then click and drag the map with the left mouse button to the new area of interest. Release the button and the map will redraw to the selected area.

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