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CVA (Ceiling and Visibility Analysis) is a real-time analysis of current C&V (ceiling and visibility) conditions across the continental U.S. The product is primarily intended to help the general aviation pilot (particularly the VFR -only pilot) avoid IFR conditions. However, CVA's quick-glance overview of ceiling and visibility conditions can be useful to others involved in flight planning or weather briefing. To remain current in rapidly changing conditions, CVA is updated every five minutes. The overview provided by CVA should be followed by further examination of METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, Area Forecasts and other weather information.

Disclaimer and Warning

By FAA policy, CVA is a Supplementary Weather Product for enhanced situational awareness only. CVA must only be used with primary products such as METARs, TAFs and AIRMETs.

See the Supplementary Weather Product Description page for a definition of these terms. Also see AIM Section 7-1-3 for requirements regarding use of aviation weather products.

Cautionary Note to CVA Users

  • The skill of METAR and satellite observations declines with distance from the nearest METAR station, and in variable terrain. VFR pilots and IFR pilots who are not fully proficient and fully equipped for flight under IFR conditions should use increasing caution as distance from the nearest METAR station increases and in areas of variable terrain.
  • CVA is a current real-time analysis only. It does not represent a forecast, nor can it be used to infer a forecast.